Inspiration, improvisation, and passion are what guide us along the path to success. Jim’s compelling talks move audiences to energize, emerge, and excel!

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Busting The 4-Word Myth
“I (or you) can’t do that.”

Those four words have stopped more success than all other factors combined. Combine that with the challenges of having a disability, and success is a euphemism for “do something other than just sit on the couch all day.” Myth BUSTED!

Most people think of disability as a burden or a tragedy; a tiny box that limits options and denies opportunity. That’s a myth of our own making. The only limitations we have are those we place on ourselves.

In this talk, Jim teaches more than ‘thinking outside the box.’ You’ll learn to ask a bigger & better question: ‘What box?’ His story of adaptation and perseverence demonstrates that what most people consider limitation is actually a gateway to possibility. His blindness has changed his life in many positive ways, allowing him to explore opportunities and make discoveries that never would have existed otherwise. You’ll come away with a new perspective on adversity and new tools to help you turn life’s lemons into a lot more than just lemonade.

Improving Your Life By Improv-ing Through Life
We’ve all heard the expression, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.” How much time do we waste on making plans that don’t work or trying to rescue plans from the unexpected? What if you could face the unexpected with courage, confidence, and a cool head?

Through examples and exercises, Jim teaches how to be ready for anything without carrying around everything. Learn to accurately identify your abilities and use them instinctively and intuitively to solve life’s problems quickly and confidently, building a pattern of success that will last a lifetime.

Tuning In By Turning Off
Did you know there’s an entire universe outside of your devices?
There really is! Technology brings us a lot of useful tools, but the most useful tool of all is still the one between your ears. Learn (or re-learn) some good habits to provide balance, make better use of time, and alleviate analog anxiety in the digital age.
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